PRESS RELEASE - Dateline January 2, 2002

Major Nelson Returns

After several years in the wilderness and presumed either bankrupt or dead, we proudly announce the return of Major Nelson to the Charlotte music scene !!

The group is currently working on new songs as well as the return of some of the best material from Pop is Dead and Big Stir. A new release is expected in late summer and the band will begin it's tour schedule in March, 2002.

Henry Pharr and Buddy Dukes reprise their original roles on guitar, vocals and drums. They are joined by co-World Class Fad refugees, Lori Dalton (keyboards, vocals, guitar and percussion) and Grandbassmaster Jeff Dunegan.

The song list will be composed of tight group arrangements of tunes written mainly by Henry, with other compositions contributed by Lori. Expect some of the Major Nelson pop-punch, but also get ready for intricate three-part harmonies and a moodier textural approach to the music.

For all the latest info, visit the new group website at and watch for appearances at a club near you soon !

Major Nelson
  Too damn stubborn to go away !