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Queen City Music

Major Nelson

Major Nelson

Buddy Dukes
Hailing from Orangeburg, South Carolina's Barbecue Capital, Buddy and Henry have played together since before Clinton's second term. After stints in both the University of Georgia Marching Band and Jazz Band, Buddy retired from music only to be dragged out of early retirement by a beleaguered Major Nelson in June, 1995. The computer programmer and Huntersville resident has consistently provided spot-on harmonies and tight drumming, as well as arrangements tighter than his snare drum head. At present, Buddy provides the underpinning for the band's unique sound and songwriting style.

Jeff Dunegan
Jeff found himself in the late-great World Class Fad as a draftee in early 2000 and has repeatedly provided the pulse to all of the tunes recorded and played by the group. A consummate Britney Spears and Nirvana fan (do they go together???). Jeff has shed his metallic roots to become one of the tightest and solid bass players in the Southeast (or at least Union County). His calm attitude only accentuates the musicality of his bass lines first heard on World Class Fad's So To Speak in early 2001. He also has the best bachelor pad in Charlotte (invitation only).

Henry Pharr
If nothing else, Henry wins the award for putting up with the many quirks of the group. Henry founded Major Nelson waaaay back in 1993, before Jeff was out of junior high. Playing guitar, writing and singing keep this lawyer-by-day from causing too much trouble. Along with his aching knees and aging back. Henry writes most of the band's songs and sings as well, allowing the rest of the group to point at him when a bad review surfaces.


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